My success started 15 years ago when I picked up a hammer for the first time and set out on a mission to gain the knowledge to build my home. My family had the land I could build it on and my blueprints were being drawn up; I had absolutely no idea how to read blueprints at this point, let alone run a framing nail gun. After working on evenings and weekends and facing many challenges during the building process; my home was successfully completed a year and four months later.


After completion of my home; the economy crashed; I took this opportunity to pursue 3-1/2 years of Construction Engineer Management and have specialized in major exterior repair work because of the challenge. The Construction Engineer Management classes along with dealing with major repair work, I'm not the contractor who will just show up to give you an estimate. Majority of the time there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration prior to your estimate; such as property lines, what kind of budget are you working with, are drawings/permits needed for your project, and what are your needs versus your wants. I am a contractor that has your project going through my head for days - addressing short & long term goals, prioritization, consequences, unexpected damage, structural problems and alternate solutions.

Many companies specialize in Water and Fire Damage Claims and ServPro is usually referred from the insurance company at the very beginning; however, a homeowner can choose any contractor of their choice. I have specialized in major exterior/interior repairs for the last 15 years. After the 2019 storm, I took the time to research my own homeowner's insurance policy to truly understand what was covered under my policy. Storm and Wind Damage is often overlooked by a homeowner. Is your roof leaking, are your missing a shingle caused by storm, wind, or possibly tree damage. Many homeowners are unaware that partial roof replacement is covered under many policies when one missing shingle is gone. Also many homeowners are unaware that even if your roof is leaking, interior repair damage is also covered for many policies. I work directly with the insurance companies to make sure the complete scope of work is addressed on claims. I reassure the homeowners that if the insurance company does call them to have them talk to me directly; and I will handle all issues that arise throughout the claim process. Many 2019 storm homeowners were shocked at the money they receive to complete their projects, after their first initial payment by the insurance company was submitted. From the very beginning to the end of all of these projects, I take a lot of pride to get the coverage you are entitled to and I don't back down from the insurance companies.


The key to very successful projects is patience. My success has stemmed from taking the same amount of pride in your project as I would if it were my own home; from quality building to daily clean up. Organized materials, containment, and a professional clean job site at the end of each day is a must for my business. 

"For those who are fortunate to hire Janet and Troubles Construction LLC, you are not just the next customer, you are her personal project, who will receive Janet's undivided attention to detail. Janet applies first-hand knowledge of construction to quality and clean up; ensuring you have a final project you are proud of and one she can build her respected name on. Fixing someone else's shortcomings is her specialty. Janet is the consummate professional who will earnestly complete the project. Troubles Construction LLC means the project will be done with honest, hard-working people who own their good reputation. Trust Troubles Construction LLC!"

-- Samantha W




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